Reclaiming Your Power

Advanced Course for Teams and Organisations


This course is directed at Managing Self Positively & Reaching Goals Co-Operatively - utilizing Gear Changers' Quinti Spiral Technology. (Click here for more on Quinti-Spiral Technology.)

This course is a follow-up on the first course you did with Gear Changers. It utilizes the Quinti-Spiral Profile you received and builds on your deeper remembering of who you really are so that your quintessential inner power can bring success to you, your team and your organisation.

The course is directed at discovering the areas of your life where you have negated your own power and are thus unable to manifest what you would really like to experience; reach your personal and team goals and walk into the power and strength your quintessential self can bring to life situations.

t is about uncovering the layers of conditioning so you can make the changes that would serve your life purpose. The importance of being clear about intention and then following the path of what wants to emerge are keynotes to the process.


  • Gaining insight into the seven energy centres held within our bodies, their wisdom and guiding roles.
  • Seeing the patterns of our attitudinal beliefs. The thought behind the thought.
  • Considering how to regain personal power and control of self and your personal space.


  • Mental alignment of all our aspects
  • Contorl of thoughts and changing negative thinking patterns.


  • Using intuition as guidance towards success, health and happiness.
  • You have remembrances and things to sort out. Spiritual challenges to meet.
  • Using your profile as a spiritual tool towards success.


  • Interpersonal power and energy control games.
  • Our compensation for criticism, abuse, neglect, abandonment
  • Your particular styles of manipulating power.
  • Losing power and energy to situations and people


  • The cycles and of change.
  • Examining the continual spiral of change through your quintessential software, DNA and cellular memory.
  • Change possibilities: You are always in one of the stages of change - from chaos to order.
  • What is waiting to emerge, both personally and organisationally?


You will gain a variety of tools for life's journey -

  • Laws of attraction: Whatever you are giving your attention to causes you to emit vibration, and the quality of that vibration manifests exactly what you have been paying attention to.
  • Feelings are what you KNOW about a thing = soul knowledge.
  • Emotions are what you DO with what you know.
  • Finding ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with your desires and manifesting what you want.
  • Remembering - how to use your body towards your own and universal soul wisdom.
  • Utilising muscle testing as a tool for personal decision making.
  • Trusting and using more of your intuition
  • Clarity and insight via the various forms of meditation. Oval: You Get What You Think About  Whether You Want It Or Not


This is a 2-day course

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals within organisations seeking more depth and spirit in their lives.
  • Team leaders and their teams. This makes for bonding on quintessential levels for all players.
  • People who would like to stop playing power games and move into authentic power.
  • Leaders who would like to become authentic and quintessential in their leadership roles .

Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of Insideout Effectivity.
  • Proficiency in writing and reading English.


Learners who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance.





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