Judie Nel

I grew up and was educated in Pretoria . I chose Education as my career because I have always wanted to teach. For 17 years I taught Accounting to school students and tertiary college learners.

The traumatic birth of my last child in 1982 pushed my career into researching learning from the wholebrain perspective. I had to find ways to help my daughter declared cerebral palsied by the medical profession. The research took us down many pathways of learning. I experimented with many techniques with my child as well as in the learning environment. The long process of intervention worked well with my daughter and pushed me into leaving formal education.

In 1990 I started this business, implementing the strategies and knowledge I had gained.

The course material presented by Gear Changers is the result of many years of looking at human development in depth. How do we think and learn? What makes us tick? Because humans are such intricate and unique beings, this field of study will never be complete. It is continually expanding and deepening. 

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