Advanced Thinking Skills
A Holistic Approach to Wholebrain Learning


Have you ever heard the expression that you only use about 10 % of your brain? The laws of human development and evolution will not allow such a thing! Biological history demonstrates that the human body changed over recorded history as the needs changed around it. If you did not use the brain, it would be much, much smaller. We would not be created with such a large brain if we are only using a small percentage and then have kept it large over such a very long time. The old adage of 'what you don't use, you lose' still holds. What is true is that our science is only now beginning to understand interdimentional energy and how it 'thinks'. Equipment to measure more of our interdimentional thinking is becoming available In this course we will explore the many different ways of thinking and how it can possibly serve us.

Learning Outcomes

The course covers the following areas:

How the brain works: brain

  • Human intelligence has its roots in our genetic code and is influenced by our daily experience, our physical and mental health, our diet, the kinds of relationships we have and many other factors.

Different Modes Of Thinking: It is not how smart you are, but how are you smart

  • The 7 intelligences
  • Left and Right brain and its 4 quadrants
  • IQ - Sequential thinking
  • EQ - Associative thinking
  • SQ - Unitive thinking

Group Thinking

  • Tuning In To Energy and creating Synergy

Your Body Brain

  • Your second "gut brain" contains neurons and neurotransmitters just like those found in your skull. How our gut brain serves us.

Cellular Thinking

  • Emotions, feelings and memories transform themselves into biochemical events demonstrated in the cells of our body.

The 7 Body Energy Centres

  • These contains clear messages about the 'thinking' abilities of our body cells.
  • They reflect the different parts of our body and the malfunction of cells producing dis-ease. There is a direct correlation with negative thoughts, stress and behaviour patters. The energy centers also hold wisdom to incorporate in our personal life.


  • Music has a direct impace on th body and mind. The effect of music is therefore far more direct than that of words. It literally flows from the musical source into the body, stimulating emotional, physical and spiritual responses.note



  • The benefits of using more and energized water. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researchers, offers a major shift in our understanding of water. The effet of our thoughs on our bodies and our personal surrounding energetic fields is very clear through his ground-breaking research.


  • The apppropriate use of therapeutic oils to stimulate the brain and cell memory. Lists of such oils will be provided.

Food for Thought

  • How you think, feel and behave is directly affected by what you eat.
  • Glucose is the most important nutrient for the brain and nervous system in that it acts as a really high octane jet fuel.
  • The brain devours more than any other organ - even more than 40% of all the carbohydrates we consume. When the glucose supply to your brain is impaired for any reason you can experience many debilitating symptoms.

Brain Gym

  • Educational Kinesiology is Wholebrain stimulation through movement repatterning. It aids concentration, bridges learning disabilities and sharpens focus.


  • Each colour has a different vibratory rate and can enhance learning, and general wellbeing.

Educational Kinesiology

  • Edu-Kinesthetics is wholebrain stimulation through movement repatterning.

The Different Levels of Consciousness Utilized In The Learning Environment:

  • Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.
  • Utilizing the conscious and sub-conscious mind for subliminal learning


This is a 2-day course

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for anybody interested in personal growth, facilitative excellence and organizational development.


Entry Requirements:

An NQF level 4 education and proficiency in writing and reading English.



Learners who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance